DeKalb County State's Attorney, Rick Amato

Rick Amato was elected DeKalb County State’s Attorney in 2016.

As state’s attorney, Rick has restructured the office to better serve the community with an emphasis on justice, fairness, public safety and accountability.

Among Rick’s initiatives have been processes to better evaluate police investigations before authorizing felony charges, deferred prosecution programs that let low-level, nonviolent offenders make amends while allowing them to remain productive in the community, and an emphasis on domestic violence cases that holds offenders accountable and provides important support for victims with a goal of safety for all involved. Rick created a veterans court in partnership with the Veterans Assistance Council and the Edward Hines Jr. Veterans Administration Hospital to create a veterans court that focuses on issues unique to veterans who struggle after returning to civilian life. Rick worked with the DeKalb Police Department to create a drug rehabilitation program that focuses on treatment.

A number of Rick’s initiatives, including the diversion programs, staffing assignments and streamlined processes to quicken case resolutions, have created a more efficient office.

All of these efforts have been with the goal of improving the communities of DeKalb County.

Rick is chairman of the Children’s Advocacy Center, a member of the Family Service Agency’s executive board, the DeKalb County Law Enforcement Executive Association, and the FBI’s Anti-Terrorism Task Force, which involves law enforcement from the federal level to the local level and focuses on preventing domestic terrorism and mass shootings. He is a member of the Illinois State’s Attorney’s Association and the Illinois Bar Association.

Rick began his legal career in 2003 as a DeKalb County assistant state’s attorney. He has significant experience in the private practice of law, having worked as a criminal defense attorney throughout north central Illinois.

Rick was raised in Addison, Ill. He is a Northern Illinois University graduate and earned his juries doctor from The John Marshall Law School.

Rick and his wife, Renee, who is a lifelong DeKalb County resident, live in Sycamore with their family.